Why Ghamro

Enhance individual music creator’s negotiation position through collective representation and action.

Collects royalties based on agreements and distributing these to rights holders.

Ensures the rights of music creators and other rights holders are protected and enforced.

Click the link below to review the short GHAMRO documentary of the developments and operations of the society for the past years.


Ghana Music Rights Organization is in partnership with METROPOLITAN PENSION TRUST to undertake welfare schemes relating to Life and Pension. In case of the health scheme however, the society have decided that, it should be voluntary, so that in order for members who are interested may only ask the society to liaise with Metropolitan Trust on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a license?

If you play music in your business, or want to use music in the promotion of a product, then you need clearance from the owners of that music to do so. GHAMRO represents the rights of many owners of music and is licensed to collect and issue clearance or give you the best contact in case of direct clearance providing easy access to the user.

Does it matter whose music I use, or how it is used?

GHAMRO represents over 10 million songs and millions more sound recordings, if you are using music it is likely to be music in copyright and falls within GHAMRO’s repertoire. If in doubt, please check with us. Irrespective of whether you play music via Radio or TV, a CD/DVD, a satellite delivered service or arrange live music performances, you will need a music licence.

Do I need a GHAMRO Licence if I use only TV or Radio, even for news, sports and talk channels?

Public performance includes music performed by playing Radio and TV channels, and may include copyright music heard as part of advertisements, theme songs and channel ‘identification’ music. News, Sports and Talk channels normally include some music use.